Virtual Credit Card Terminals

Make your online transactions easier & trustworthy!

Why Choose Best Virtual Credit Card Terminals?

Any smart advice can act as an online POS terminal thanks to Merchant Services Broker Solutions.

Even if your customers are on the other side of the world and there is no POS terminal in your hands, it is still possible to accept payments thanks to our easy-to-use virtual payment system.

Merchant Services Broker Solutions made credit card processing unbelievably affordable and easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are about to take a virtual card payment in person, through the mail, or by phone – we will process it, with no hidden monthly fees for the service. Everything related to our service is completely transparent.

Streamline your payments with Merchant Services Broker Solutions in the quickest, most efficient, and most secure way. Our virtual payment processing terminal allows you to handle payments from any device with an Internet connection, 24/7.

We have one of the best virtual credit card terminals on the market. Here is why.

Secure Orders

Numerous merchants are left with their shopping charts empty just because their customers hesitated to fill in the card payment form on a website. Why would customers feel uncomfortable to fill in their card details on a website?

If a customer doesn’t know who the merchant it, it is highly likely they would leave the site. Customers expect human interaction and personal connection.

As a provider of one of the best virtual credit card terminals, Merchant Services Broker Solutions keeps information about clients secure at all times and at all costs.

Merchant Services Broker Solutions established direct communication with your customers, which is very important when leaving an impression of professional service. Once your customers know for sure their money is transferred to the right place, they will make a purchase.

Once you establish such a system, your customers will be more than comfortable with making a purchase over email or phone and give their card details with no worries.

We help you protect all your transactions thanks to the highest PCI security standards on the market. Your phone, fax, and email orders are fully secure with our service.

Quick and Simple To Use

What makes a difference between current virtual credit card terminals on the market? Merchant Services Broker Solutions does the job in a quick and a simple way. We don’t require any special setup or expensive resources.

Our virtual credit card terminals allow you to track all your transactions with a simple account. No software needed!

Worldwide Charging

Are you dreaming of a virtual card terminal that allows you to charge debit and credit cards worldwide? Yes, including overseas locations. Merchant Services Broker Solutions makes it easy to receive orders wherever you are – on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Remote billing never looked so good!

However, virtual credit card terminals can be used in the real world as well! If you are receiving an order in person, you can charge it this way, too. A stable internet connection is all you need.

Batch Credit Card Processing

Only the best virtual credit card terminals, such as Merchant Services Broker Solutions, allow you to upload your daily transactions in a single file. No matter how many transactions you have, our system will process it.

This helps small businesses a lot, as such a system reduces chargebacks, saves money, and time. 

International Payment Processing Mode

Even if you are a small merchant, you can still have a couple of employees residing around the world. Our service enables you and your employees use the same terminal to process and accept payments. All you need is the same account.

How Does A Virtual Terminal Work?

  • Your customer makes an order by phone, mail, or fax.
  • There is an online payment form in the virtual terminal you need to fill with the details provided by the customers,
  • The system notifies you about the successfully charged card.

Whom is the Merchant Services Broker Solutions Processing Virtual Terminal Intended For?

  • Online merchants who have a lot of manual orders to process,
  • Merchants who would like to build a trustworthy connection with their customers and leave the impression of a reliable business.
  • Physical businesses who want to avoid a POS system.

Know More About The Best Virtual Credit Card Terminals Available

Why Work With Us?

  • Our virtual card terminal is usable on any device – computers, tablets, and phones. You can manage your business even when on the go.
  • We make payment processes for your business simple to use, as well as to monitor,
  • Track all your transactions in real-time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Processing transactions are made directly from your account, which makes customers trust their payments,
  • No software/hardware needed, no expensive resources, or complex integration,
  • Our system doesn’t bring up additional costs,
  • Required safe authorizations,
  • We use PCI-compliant solutions to protect sensitive credit card data.

The second your payments are completed, they will appear in your account instantly. This opens new options for you, as you can withdraw the money, store it on your account, or use it to pay worldwide with your business debit card.

Your payment security is a top priority for Merchant Services Broker Solutions. PCI-complied security features are a top requirement for any business, as it protects you and your customers as well.

You Are a Click Away

Signing up for a Merchant Services Broker Solutions takes seconds. Do you want to start saving right away? You will get a chance to talk to one of our account specialists so you can get an insight into using your virtual credit card terminal.

If you have a couple of terminals – that is even better! We can arrange a deal that works best for you and saves you some money at the same time.

After all, having a real-time analysis of your payments is very straightforward and will help you work out a strategy for growing your business.

Merchant Services Broker Solutions offers one of the best virtual credit card terminals according to the experiences of numerous successful merchants. Contact us to see it yourself!

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